Doctor Who is an old classic TV show that was updated and modernized a few years back, and is now watched
by thousands of people around the United States, as well as in places such as Canada and the UK. It focuses on The Doctor, a strange man with an unknown name, who has the ability to live forever and takes on a new form whenever his old body starts to die. He can travel through time and teleport to any place he wants in the tardis, and with the help of his companian Rose and several others, he might even end up saving the world and rewriting history.

The Tardis

The tardis is The Doctor's spaceship, disguised as a police box, which is a phone booth from the 1900's. It looks much bigger on the inside than it does on the outside, which is strange, but then again, it's owned by The Doctor and things are never as they seem. In this spaceship, The Doctor is able to teleport to any area he desires as well as travel through time.


The fans of Doctor Who call themselves Whovians. Here are the list of Whovians on this Wiki (I'll also include the ones on the Hunger Games Wiki as well):

  • Liza
  • Julia
  • Colin
  • Annie
  • Dani
  • Wes
  • Leslie
  • Alice
  • Emma
  • (Add yourself if I forgot you)