Troll face

Laquisha Bikinibottom Trolldemort IV is a troll tribute created by Beetee19 and Iluvgale.


District: 10

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Weapon: Preferably scimitar, otherwise knife, bow or cake.

Strengths: She is good at jumping on top of people randomly, destroying cakes, building cakes, eating cakes, making stuff explode, going "MWAHAHAHAHA" and seducing boys for no apparent reason. Also trolling.

Weaknesses: Brussels sprouts. She HATES them.

Personality: Always hyper because she eats too much cake. Probably has diabetes but is too lazy to go and check. She is really happy as long as she has cake. She loves sharks, jellyfish, and many other types of potentially dangerous marine animals. 

Strategy: Get all the cakes and none of the brussels sprouts. Try and troll people, but if not it's okay.

Token: Cake mix


TBWTPT's Specteral Games: 88th/96- Received training score of 1 before jumping off her plate early and being blown to bits.

ClovelyMarvelous's Troll Tribute Games: Currently on hold.