Potatoes are a plant that people have been eating for a long time, because apparently they taste good. They grow underground as tubers. However, potatoes weren't really that awesome until they basically became the Beenie mascot. Now, they're just downright amazing.

Potato LordsEdit

Liza is the queen of potatoes. Colin is the king of potatoes. Their daughter, Kiki, is next in line for the throne. Together, they rule the potato kingdom, spreading peace and love and striking down those who lick their potatoes without permission. They have a potato army, which they are not unfraid to unleash if you break a bunch of rules.


Oli, Liza and Colin's son, is known across the Kingdom of Potatoes for licking Liza's potatoes as well as eating them and sitting on them. Julia is now officially his partner-in-crime and his trainee, who is learning how to get better at licking potatoes.

Gareth has repeatedly tried to overthrow Colin as the King of Potatoes, but has unfortunately failed. He has taken up the position as Peasant of Potatoes.