This page features all the ships of the people ON THIS WIKI ONLY.  There's more on the Hunger Games wiki if you want to see couples be all lovey-dovey around each other. Of course, that usually only applies to Beenie.


Julai is the relationship between Julia (EmpressOreo) and Kekai (Hybrid Shadow). Their relationship isn't exactly as deep and meaningful as Beenie's might be, but they do in fact have their moments. They're usually both pretty immature, with Kekai being the overly perverted God of Rape and Julia being the hyperactive maniac that likes nomming on people. Sometimes they don't make sense but you can tell they love each other based on the way they act towards one another.

The name was decided by Kekai a little while before the two actually started dating. He had put a poll on his profile that said "Do you ship Julai"? A bunch of people said yes and eventually, since Julia and Kekai got together, that became their official ship name.


Beenie is the relationship between Beetee (Colin) (Beetee19) and Rainie (Liza) (Rainfacestar). They're usually very "lovey-dovey" and their relationship is much more sane compared to Julia and Kekai's. Colin is known for always wishing Liza a good night's sleep on before she goes to bed and Liza can always make him smile when he's down, by singing the Campfire Song in the Lovelace fanfic or whatever. They really do love each other and are one of the best ships (Julai and Beenie are fighting for first best ship, apparently), yet at the same time they can be sickeningly sweet (in both Julia and Annie's opinion).

Their name was decided by Julia because she's the ship name master and just pulled a random name out of her head that just so happened to be Beenie. Colin and Liza both thought it was very cute, and the people that ship Beenie often make jokes about "Beenie babies".


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